: release was moved to the end of April 27th and the promotion is now in full swing. Yesterday Entertainment Weekly released new stills from the film, including one of .

In the photo he’s apparently in the same location he was also in the trailers, which raises few questions: is this the only place (and scene) we’ll see Loki in the film and if yes, then why? We know that he is passing the Tesseract to someone, most likely to Thanos.

Remains to be seen if getting the Tesseract back is enough for Thanos.

Tom and Chris Hemsworth were spotted filming in Atlanta in November wearing the same costumes that they had in the end of The Avengers Assemble. This sprited the rumors that IW might actually include a flashback of some kind.

All speculations regarding the first IW film will come to end when the Avengers: Infinity War opens worldwide on April 27.

Source: ew.com.