As we already anticipated earlier, series is now officially confirmed to be on + in spring 2021. The news was confirmed on 20 July at 2019 during ’s panel.

The is the next title for Spring 2021. “What else did you see in Endgame?” Feige asks before a clip of Loki vanishing from 2012 plays. “This series will tell you what happened to Loki right after that,” he said. “The first place he went – he came to Hall H”

“He’s still that guy,” Hiddleston said of Loki from Avengers. “Just about the last thing that happened to him is he got Hulk-smashed…There’s a lot of psychological evolution yet to happen…I can’t tell you any of [the plans] but it is one of the most exciting creative opportunities I’ve ever come across. A new world. New challenges. And I cannot wait to get started.”

To those who are wondering why it takes so long here’s why: Tom is occupied with Betrayal on Broadway until the end of 2019. Writing of the Loki series goes on probably as we speak. The shooting of the series happens sometime during 2020. With all the SFX work the series, Marvel style, is indeed ready to air in spring 2021.