I Am Burdened With Glorious Purpose... for UNICEF UK

Tom’s Midgardian Army is excited to announce their Unicef UK fundraiser.

This fundraiser will support Unicef UK’s work with children in crises all around the world.

The fundraiser will coincide with Tom Hiddleston’s appearance at ACE Comic Con in Chicago, as well as the Royal Parks Marathon on October 14, 2018. You can read more on Unicef UK’s marathon team here.

Donate here

Book with Messages / Art to give to Tom at ACE Midwest in October

Additionally, Tom’s Midgardian Army (fan group in Facebook) will be creating a book of messages/art to give Tom at ACE. You can either leave the message you wish to have included with your donation, contact the Facebook group or email hiddlesfashion @ gmail.com to be included.

These messages need to be received by October 1 to ensure enough time for the book to be printed.


Anyone who donates to the fundraiser will be eligible to enter the #ACERaffle and win amazing prizes. Prize winners will be selected every other Monday beginning August 6, 2018 – October 15, 2018.

How to Enter the #ACERaffle:

  • Donate to the Unicef UK fundraiser
  • Leave the hashtag #ACERaffle in your donation message along with your email or screenname (twitter, tumblr, instagram etc) so that we can contact the winners.
  • You will receive ONE raffle entry for every £2 donated. (£2 is the minimum donation amount allowed by justgiving).
    ie: £2 = 1 entry, £4 = 2 entries, £6 = 3 entries

The Prizes:

August 6th: The winner will receive a Loki Lego set and Marvel Loki lanyard (donated by KTHunter_Author)

August 20th: The winner will receive the official I Saw the Light Soundtrack (donated by @MintMintDoodles)

September 3rd: The winner will receive a Tom Hiddleston Colour Me Good Book and M2 magazine (donated by amazingeddieredmayne)

September 17th: The winner will receive a Coriolanus Art Pop Tote (donated by TomHiddlestonNews.com)

October 1st: The winner will receive a Gold Chrome 10th anniversary Loki funko (currently pre-ordered and should be available in September. If for some reason it’s not available we will substitute another prize)

October 15th: Our final prize winner will received a signed copy of #RADAHamlet. It’s inscribed with the words The rest is silence – which are Hamlet’s last words and was chosen to signify how Unicef UK is not silent to the plight of children around the world.

Donate here

There may be additional raffle prizes as the fundraiser reaches certain goals.

Thank you to everyone for helping to support Unicef UK, Hiddlestoners’ Past Charity Raffles have raised £26,897.17!

*These fundraisers/raffles are 100% fan driven and not sponsored by any organization or individual.*

Tom's Midgarian Army's Unicef UK Fundraiser